What is it now? Yes, it is good enough! We have expanded and signed a super cozy Chalet located 50 m. From the hotel. The major renovation is underway this summer and therefore pictures are limited at the moment.

We can unveil that it will be real chalet style, where we will add our Danish "cosiness" and give you the best skiing holiday in L'Alpe d'Huez.

Opening the hotel this summer has been really exciting and very challenging at a time when corona is still making noise all over the world. It has been limited with guests, but we have been able to provide extra extra good service, for the guests we have had so far, who have been pampered a little extra.

After we announced the operation of Hotel le Refuge back in the month of April, we have received so many inquiries from sweet followers who have followed along all the way or who have previously stayed at Refuge and now would like to support us. Since most of the winter is occupied with Danski guests, we therefore decided to say yes to the possibility of this nice little chalet, where we can provide the same service as if you stay at the hotel, but just with more privacy. We will still provide the option of having breakfast and 3-course meals in the evening if desired included in the package. So the possibilities are many and now it's just a matter of getting the ski holiday booked, right? 😉

You can read much more about our new chalet right here; Chalet les Vieux Murs