Finally, the adventure could continue almost as planned…

It is no secret that hotel management and life in the Alps, all the time was the adventure we wanted with Our Alpine Adventure. It has been the plan of several rounds and although, it all looked very black, half a year ago, when Skinetworks was declared bankrupt, it is absolutely amazing how weContinue reading “Endelig kunne eventyret fortsætte næsten som planlagt…”

We're coming home…

We've sold our house and moved our whole lives to Alpe D 'Huez, but now our workplace has gone bankrupt, so what's going to happen now? How do we move on from this unpleasant situation where all one's plans and dreams are based on working as Hotel Managers and having daily contact with ourContinue reading “Vi kommer hjem…”

Part 2. The ski bums who fell in love

As you can probably figure out, each never went his own way. Despite Jacobs' desire to travel the world as a chef, there was just one culinary education to be completed in Denmark. I (Signe) therefore had to drag him home to Copenhagen, where he could finish it. ThatContinue reading “Del 2.. Skibumserne der blev forelskede”