Winter – Ski holiday 22/23

Do you want to visit us in the winter?
We are pleased to announce that Hotel Le Refuge welcomes DANSKI guests from 22 December 2022 to 1 April 2023 and Hotel le Chamois welcomes Nortlander guests during the same period. We are looking forward to having life at the hotel and to welcoming a lot of skiing and snowboarding happy guests.
You can already book your ski holiday with DANSKI or Nortlander.

If you want to visit us before December 22, then Contact Us and let's find a solution together so that you can visit Alpe d'Huez and our hotel. We open the hotels on December 2nd and keep it open for everyone at an exceptionally good start of the season price, until December 22nd, when you can then travel with Danski or Nortlander.

The lifts are expected to open on December 3, 2022, so there are plenty of good ski days in early December. The lifts will be open until 23 April 2023. The hotels will be open until 15 April 2023, so you can also have a good sunny skiing holiday at Easter or the week after, at a really good price if you book directly with us. Write to us or book directly online here on the website.

Psst… Our low budget rooms at Hotel le Chamois are for sale directly with us. These are rooms with a shared bath/toilet in the hallway, but they are sold at a very good price ⛷🎿🏂 Contact us to hear more.

If you are a larger group of family/friends, we have our Chalet 50 m down the road from the hotel. Here you choose to stay with or without catering.
See much more here; Chalet les Vieux Murs