And then there was just one more news…

In January, we were pleased to announce Best news of the year, that we will continue with Hotel le Refuge in the summer of 2022. Shortly after, in February, we could tell part 2 and now we are here sørme again.

This time, we can tell yet another news. When we look back on the last two years, it's crazy to think about where we stand now. Just 13 months ago, we were reasonably lost and did not quite know what the future would bring. Now we stand right here, in the adventure we had seen ourselves in, far into the future. It all happens only at lightning speed. Recently, Signe participated in SKIpodcast and told about our hotel adventure in France. Hearing the story itself, gave a shiver through the body, fighting many smiles on the lips and a tear in the corner of the eye, of both the good and the less good. It has been the wildest roller coaster. Whether you know the story of us or not, just take and spend 22 minutes listening to the story of our alpine adventure, where true storyteller Anders from SKIpodcast evokes all emotions. 🙂

And having said that, it's probably time to tell; what now?

Yes, Hotel le Refuge is running summer 2022 and winter 2022/2023 - whether the new owners will be allowed to demolish in May 2023 is not yet known? So who knows…

In the meantime, we would not give up on the fact that the alpine adventure was so well underway, it should not end already. So we grabbed some of the locals and found another hotel. A hotel that we will take over on May 25, 2022 and open to the first guests on May 26, 2022!

HOTEL LE CHAMOIS - British owned hotel, which is now rented by us and which we will be running for the next many summer and winter seasons.

We are really looking forward to it and are so excited to provide even more experiences to all our sweet guests, new and old.

The hotel is right on the other side of the Refuge so it does not get any easier! Meeeen with two hotels, it requires her husband or two and therefore we are looking for DENMARK'S BEST STAFF TO THE ALPS!

We look forward to welcoming even more guests to our hotels in Alpe d'Huez!