Welcome to Hotel le Refuge in Alpe d'Huez

Hotel le Refuge in Alpe d'Huez is a cozy Danish family-run hotel in France. We want to give our guests unique and unforgettable experiences. We will be your base and home when you go on adventures in our beautiful surroundings.

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About hotel Le Refuge

Hotel Le Refuge is located in Alpe d'Huez and has the area's most delicious terrace. We have sun all day and you can therefore enjoy both food and drink with the most beautiful view and sun on your cheeks all day long.
There is free wi-fi and just 200 meters from the hotel is Cycle Huez, where you can rent the coolest bikes - both with and without electricity, so you decide for yourself how hard it should be.
It's no secret that our hotel is “an old lady” as we call it. She has many years behind her, is a little tired and is running on her final years. If we are to categorise into stars, then it is 2*.

Hotel Refuge
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What our old lady lacks in stars, she in turn has in ambiance, location and quality in everything that comes from our kitchen. Everything is clean and neat and it is important to us that even though she is an old lady, she is presentable and accommodating.

Hotel Room Refuge Alpe d'Huez

In general, the rooms are small and cozy, the standard is good in all rooms - so small but good. There is the possibility of a balcony at an additional cost. All rooms have their own shower and toilet.
Despite the fact that the hotel is very old, all the rooms have been renovated over time and family rooms were implemented in 2012.

Every morning we serve a delicious breakfast buffet, so you are ready to challenge the day in the best style and with your stomach full of quality ingredients.

The hotel is located almost in the center of Alpe d'Huez, in the old town. Here the atmosphere is something very special, especially in the summer, where it exudes authenticity and old French city style. It cannot be described, it must be experienced.
In the old town you will also find the good restaurants and small secret areas. In the center, the newer part of town, there are plenty of opportunities to shop in many delicious shops as well as shop in several supermarkets. In the center you will also find the ice rink and the outdoor pool.

Our rooms

Hotel Room Refuge Alpe d'Huez

You can book a double room with us and enjoy your stay at our hotel in twos with a double bed or two single beds.

From 100€ per night per room, incl. breakfast

Triple room
Hotel Room Refuge Alpe d'Huez

You can also book one of our triple rooms, which can accommodate three people. There is typically a double bed and a single bed. This can be changed on request to three single beds.

From 145€ per night per room incl. breakfast

Family room
Hotel Room Refuge Alpe d'Huez

In our family rooms, you get either two rooms with a shared bathroom between you or a large room with four beds. The same for all the family rooms is that there are four beds.

From 150€ per night per room, incl. breakfast


What do the guests say?

The hotel does not offer parking. It is of course permitted to drive down and unload your car in front of the hotel, and then park in the car park just 300 meters away.

Our staff speak Danish, Swedish, English and French.

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How do I get to L'Alpe-d'huez?

You can get here in many ways, depending on where you are traveling from. Our recommendation for a holiday in the Alps will always be to take the car. It may take longer, but with the car you are completely independent from others and you can have many exciting experiences around the mountain and down. If you don't want to drive all the way, the nearest airports are:
Grenoble Alpes Isère Airport - ca. 1.5 hours drive.
Lyon Airport - ca. 2.5 hours drive.
Geneva Airport - ca. 2.5 hours drive (Switzerland).
From here you can rent a car and drive yourself or book an airport transfer.
We can highly recommend Alpe Express as a transfer.