Have not read part 1, then skip and read it first 🤗

So what was the hope ahead we could look forward to? 

It was impossible to see. Everything changed after that bankruptcy. It was all chaotic and honest, so I could Signe, not see any light at all at the end of that tunnel. We quickly had to find another place and stay because we could not stay at the hotel. 

As some of you may have read in previous posts, we luckily quickly found an apartment here in Alpe d'huez, which was ample and we looked forward to being able to house family and friends as there were so many rooms. It never happened. Because then the corona wave hit again really hard over Christmas / New Year in both Denmark and France again, so everything turned red and no one dared to travel down and visit us. It has been some extremely long months, for what we had in La Rosiere with guests, a large team of young people and a vibrant city - we have not had any of that this winter. 

One day in February, an unexpected call came. A call that changed EVERYTHING all of a sudden. Now we could suddenly see that maybe there was light ahead anyway.

It involved the hotel and something that was very close to "normal" when everything else can become normal again. 

When will it be? Nobody knows. 

Now corona passports must be shown everywhere in DK in order to be allowed to do something. You also need to travel. It makes sense. 

We hope you enjoy using your corona passport for a trip as soon as the world reopens. And as soon as we can say “Welcome to XXX”. 

Stay tuned very soon when we publish something "new", exciting and big!