About us

Noah (3), Jacob (29) & Signe (29).

Behind Our Alp Adventure, you will find the Danish Family; Juul Tietze Bennike.

We are a small family of three, father mother and Noah of almost 4 years. We love adventure and we love the French Alps. We have decided to combine the two things.
It all started once in the French Alps, where we met each other. Then followed three winter seasons just in the area and our love for each other and the French Alps grew bigger. Then came Noah. The desire for adventure did not disappear.
We took the consequence of that in the beginning of 2019, when we quit our permanent jobs and decided to live out our dreams of adventure.
The adventure about life in the Alps, got its start when we moved to La Rosiere in November 2019, to be Hotel Managers for DANSKI and Nortlander's two club hotels in the city. 

Due to Covid-19, the adventure was put on pause and we had to travel home far too soon. What should have been the first summer season in Tignes, was reversed. 

Now we live in Alpe d'huez and have taken over the operation of Hotel Le Refuge, which we will be running independently from the summer of 2021. We hope you will visit us and be a part of our adventure. We look forward to sharing our sunny city with you and showing you how many experiences you can have here - both summer and winter.

Thank you for reading our story!

Jacob Bennike, Head Chef & Hotel Manager

Jacob is a trained chef and has many years of experience as a freelancer, head chef and he loves the Alps. Jacob is super skilled in Nordic and French cuisine, from which he is also trained. In addition, Jacob has a huge passion for both winter and summer sports in the Alps, so you can always have a good chat with him about the activities in and around Alpe d'huez.

Signe Bennike, Hotel Manager

Signe is a dedicated Hotel Manager. She has a BA in International Hospitality Management and started her career in the travel industry 10 years ago as Destination Manager for Nortlander. Since then, it has become several seasons in the Alps, the Sun of the South, independent business in Denmark and now the time has come for another adventure in France. Signe looks forward to welcoming you warmly in the Alpe d'huez at the Hotel Refuge.

Noah Bennike, Hotel- & Kids Boss

Noah is 3 years old, active and loves the mountains. He was on his first ski holiday inside his mother's belly, second ski holiday he was 6 months old and when he was 2 years old, he had his first season in La Rosiere, as a hotel mouse. It will continue to be his role here and he looks forward to meeting you all - especially the kids.

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