Yes, it's pretty good. We have another novelty and it's one of the better ones.
We simply did not dare to hope for it, but another winter at Hotel le Refuge is in house. Winter 2022/2023 is happening! We are overjoyed that we can stay at the hotel for another winter. Imagine what would be 11 months in the hotel now can be extended. However, the project to demolish the old lady has not stopped. It still has to happen. The date is set for May 2023, where we must say goodbye and thank you to good old Refuge.

We therefore hope to see as many of you as possible for both summer and winter, to give her a little extra love before the adventure at Refuge is over.

One thing is for sure, the adventure in the Alps does not end. We have other exciting things up our sleeve that we can hopefully present to you soon! 😉