Finally, the adventure could continue almost as planned…

It is no secret that hotel management and life in the Alps, all the time was the adventure we wanted with Our Alpine Adventure. It has been the plan of several rounds and though, it all looked very black, half a year ago, then Skinetworks was declared bankrupt, then it's absolutely amazing how we've struggled through it all.
Yes, we must admit that we pat ourselves on the shoulder from time to time, because this has been something of a journey. Not exactly an adventurous adventure, perhaps more of a drama that finally shows itself towards the happy ending.

Exactly two weeks ago, on April 12, 2021, the last signatures were signed and on Wednesday, April 14, we were able to publish our big news….

We open Hotel Le Refuge in Alpe d'huez until summer 2021

… Exactly on June 5, 2021.

We open with a bang - we hope - because it all depends on what the corona situation looks like, as well as all the travel restrictions in the different countries. But if it is up to us, then we have the hotel filled with guests for opening bubbles and lots of sunshine on the terrace. We are really looking forward to it!

We have strayed into something that was probably not exactly the plan to start with.
The whole Alpine Adventure and the employment at Skinetworks, was there for us to find out what life in the Alps as a family would be like with the whole hotel operation.
The plan was that we should be employed some winter and summer seasons, to try it out. But since it all suddenly stopped abruptly, we had to find our own way and suddenly there was an opportunity we could not say no to.
This means that we are now opening our OWN hotel. Okay, we do not own it, but we have rented the whole hotel and run it as our very own. We can therefore (almost) decide it all ourselves. And when we say almost, it is because our collaboration with Skinetworks and DANSKI is far from over. We still share the same values and are therefore so happy to be able to offer all ski guests a return Refuge for the winter 2021/2022, with a full ski package trip, just like in the “old days”.

Of course, we hope to meet many of you over the summer or winter. And if you can not find the dates you want in our booking, finally do not hesitate that contact us. Then we promise to get back to you very soon!

So happy we looked when we were about to publish the news, on top of Copenhill in Copenhagen, with a good draft beer in hand on top of the 30 km walk!

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