Up and then down…

It was the ski season… The prospect of the lifts opening up for locals or for French tourists during the February holidays (winter holiday across the country in France) is closed. The lifts do not open. It was announced on Wednesday when it French tourism minister spoke at a video conference.

So if you had a hope of slipping into your car and driving to France down to a nice little hotel or a rented apartment, then you just have to remember to have the good condition in your luggage if you want to stand on ski. For now there is only one way up and that is to go. And it's damn hard! We have been doing this since December, when the snow began to fall. Fortunately, there is plenty of snow, the sun is shining and we can keep the mood fairly high at a time when the whole world continues to look very strange.

Tomorrow, Sunday 24 January, Austria should announce their winter season, so keep your mouth shut if there is a chance you will get a ski lift this season.

However, it is only a week ago that our dear old boss, Kasper Kallesøe, was able to announce that the Austrian part of Skinetworks and their hotels will continue to operate in the coming seasons. The status of what is going to happen here in France is still uncertain, but we can then a little more, cross everything we have, so that there is an opportunity for some hotels to survive the bankruptcy and can continue with the spirit we have learned the last many years for Nortlander, Danski and Skinetworks!

We are so curious, all of you who follow. How have you traveled on a ski holiday before? Has corona changed how you want to ski in the future? You can comment below and we will be really happy.

What the future brings for us is still unknown and we take one day at a time…

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