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With "Your Alp Adventure" you get your ver own travel partner living in Alpe d'huez.
We give you everything you need for your next active holiday. Whether you want to travel in winter or summer, we are ready to welcome you and welcome you to our hotels and chalet.

Explore Alpe d'huez

Alpe d'Huez is more than a ski paradise. Wild and fantastic experiences and adventures await you. In fact, we would venture to claim that we can offer you experiences that you cannot get anywhere else.

With us you can pamper yourself, your family or your friends and you can tailor a program to suit your interests and temperament.
See more here in our program, so you can already now decide which experiences you want to have together.

Who are Your Alp Adventure?

We are a small family of three, father mother and Noah 4 years old. We love adventure and we love the French Alps. We have decided to combine the two things.
It all started once in the French Alps, where we met each other. Then followed three winter seasons just in the area and our love for each other and the French Alps grew bigger. Then came Noah. The desire for adventure did not disappear.
We took the consequence of that in the beginning of 2019, where we quit our permanent jobs in Denmark and decided to live out our dreams of adventure.


On the blog you can read from the beginning of our adventure. You can get an insight into how it all started and how adventures consist of both ups and downs. We have become stronger and the result we are super proud of.



Get the best experiences with our local partners.

Cycle Huez

Rent the best road bikes or grab an easy ride with an electric MTB. If you bring your own bike, you can also always get assistance from Cycle Huez.

If you fly here, you have the opportunity to get a transfer from our local partner Mark. It does not get any easier.


On an active holiday, there must also be room for self pampering. Get a massage in your own surroundings in your hotel room. We have a partnership with the city's best masseur and we leave you safely in their hands.

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*Prices starts from 100€ per night for two persons incl. breakfast.

COVID-19 information
If your holiday can't be completed, due to the authorities' restrictions, the full amount will be refunded, up to 72 hours before arrival.